Content Review

Content Review




Our long experience in publishing, author mentoring, and editorial services, which you can read about here, allows us to provide a service that most proofreaders, copy editors, and editorial services are not qualified to offer. With our content review service, we will provide you with a detailed critical review of your text, enabling you to reassess and potentially rewrite sections of your work. This service can be extremely useful to both academic and business customers. It is particularly critical for first-time and inexperienced academic authors, such as postgraduate students writing their thesis/dissertation or academics writing their first papers, as well as new businesses writing pieces targeted at existing and/or potential customers and partners.

This service does not deal with any language-related issues with your written material. After you have revised your content based on our review, Proofreading or Copy Editing is required to prepare the content for publication.

  • Editorial assessment: We provide an in-depth editorial assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the text, including recommendations for further improvements.
  • Structural analysis: We highlight places where there are gaps in the text that may require extra passages or explanatory material in order to bridge them, and any logical issues with the overall structure of the text.
  • Audience focus: We recommend the removal of sections that do not work towards the overall aim and are superfluous.
  • Topic development: We draw attention to sections in which topics, concepts or objects have not been introduced or explained fully, in order to ensure the clarity of the message.
  • Supporting evidence (for academic customers): We indicate those areas of the work that are unsupported or weak and require extra sources to support your position.

For a sample of this service for academic writing, please click here.

A Note to Graduate Students

Our service for graduate students abides by very strict ethical standards. It is fraud to pass off the work of others, including your editor, as your own. For this reason we will NOT engage in the following activities:

  • Writing any papers or dissertations. Such services are immoral and we will never agree to such a request.
  • Conceptual thinking, researching, or extensive writing on behalf of our clients. This is the job of the author, not the editor.

If the student is unsure whether their professor approves of their use of a professional editor, they should consult them before using our service.