Content Development

Our comprehensive content development service covers all stages of developing any kind of textual and multimedia content products, starting from development of the initial ideas, all the way through to delivering the final manuscript that is ready for publication.

This is a very flexible service that can be customized to any specific needs. If the client is a publisher, then they can work with us on behalf of their author or let us work with the author directly. The client can also choose to let us manage all stages of the content development process, or select certain stages only.

We work with publishers, authors, and businesses to help them develop various kinds of textual and multimedia content:

  • Full content review
    • Specification implementation assessment: Assess the work against the specification/outline it is supposed to implement.
    • Idea development assessment: We identify any ideas that have not been developed thoroughly and that require treatment in greater depth.
    • Strength of logic: We indicate arguments that are unsupported or weak and that require further discussion and additional sources in order to support your position.
    • Focus: We recommend the removal of sections that are irrelevant and do not contribute to your argument.
    • Structural analysis: We highlight any issues with the progress of your argument and any structural reorganisation that is needed to ensure the natural and logical flow of the work.
  • Product specification development: We develop the initial ideas into a final product specification, including an outline.
  • Specification implementation: We work with authors to implement the product specification.
  • Technical reviewing: We work with your technical reviewers to provide feedback on drafts to authors to meet the requirements of the specification.
  • Author mentoring: We provide constructive feedback to authors to help them develop the required content.
  • Project management: We manage all deadlines with their respective stakeholders to ensure that the project is completed on time.
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