Content Review

Our extensive experience in publishing, author mentoring, and editorial services allows us to provide a service that most proofreaders, copy editors, and editorial service companies are not qualified to offer. Our content review service will provide you with a detailed critical review of the material, enabling you to reassess and potentially rewrite sections of your work. This service is particularly critical for first-time or inexperienced authors.

This service does not deal with any language-related issues with your written material. Therefore, after you have revised your content based on our review, proofreading and/or copy editing would still be required to prepare the content for publication or submission.

This service provides only an assessment of the content. If you would also like us to be involved in remedying any issues with the content, then please look at our content development service.

Content review provides an in-depth, critical editorial assessment of your work, including identifying its strengths and weaknesses, thereby enabling the author to reassess and potentially rewrite sections of it:

  • Specification implementation assessment: Assess the work against the specification/outline it is supposed to implement.
  • Idea development assessment: We identify any ideas that have not been developed thoroughly and that require treatment in greater depth.
  • Strength of logic: We indicate arguments that are unsupported or weak and that require further discussion and additional sources in order to support your position.
  • Focus: We recommend the removal of sections that are irrelevant and do not contribute to your argument.
  • Structural analysis: We highlight any issues with the progress of your argument and any structural reorganisation that is needed to ensure the natural and logical flow of the work.
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