Proofreading is for high-quality writing that only requires some finishing touches before being ready. It makes sure that your work is free from errors and well polished:

  • Spelling: Spell checkers don’t catch everything! We ensure there are no spelling mistakes. We also apply British or American English, as requested, throughout.
  • Punctuation: Issues here can completely alter the meaning of the text, so getting this right is very important to making your text clear and accurate and allowing it to flow properly.
  • Grammar: As with spelling, it takes very few grammar errors to undermine the quality of your writing. We make sure there are none, so that your writing is accurate and easy to read.
  • Consistency in text and styles: A lack of consistency can make your work appear confused or poorly compiled. We check that your text is consistent in terms of acronyms, abbreviations, conventions, italics, styles, fonts and layout.

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