Proofreading is for high-quality writing that only requires some finishing touches before being ready. It makes sure that your work is free from errors and well-polished

Copy Editing

Every piece of work should be copy edited at some point, prior to being proofread. Our copy editing includes all aspects of our proofreading service, supplemented by further editing of the language and the style and structure of the writing

Deep Copy Editing

Deep Copy Editing entails everything included in copy editing, but it involves more substantial editing, including restructuring and rewriting as much of the text as is necessary

Content Review

Content review provides an in-depth, critical editorial assessment of your work, including identifying its strengths and weaknesses, thereby enabling the author to reassess and potentially rewrite sections of it

Content Development

We work with publishers, authors, and businesses to help them develop various kinds of textual and multimedia content


A text document of a transcript of everything that is spoken in an audio or video file


A time-synchronised transcript of spoken dialogue, displayed within videos, allowing viewers to read along


A subtitle for a video that has additional information, such as identifying the speaker and background sounds


We provide the right voiceover for commercial and educational videos


High-quality translation between English and Arabic, and from German and Russian into English.